This privacy policy explains how manages confidential information across all of its sites and services.

Personally Provided Information

To visit, you do not need to give us any personal details. If you send us additional information via e-mail, inquiry form, comments, or other means, we will only keep it for as long as it is necessary to respond to your query, inquiry, or fulfill the specified purpose of the communication. We do not send, share, sell, or pass any personal information to a third party, except for approved law enforcement investigations.

Website Traffic Analysis Software

We use software programs to track traffic for unauthorized attempts to upload or modify the content or otherwise cause harm for site protection and to ensure that this service remains accessible to all users. We also track our traffic to analyze contact details such as operating systems, devices, device types, and other related data.

Information from these sources can be used to help identify a person in approved law enforcement investigations and under the required legal procedure.

E-mail Newsletters

We request contact information from users who want to subscribe to our e-mail newsletters. SpecificFeeds is in charge of our newsletters. We and SpecificFeeds use the information you provide in the same way as we use the contact information you provide. Our newsletter subscribers can unsubscribe by following the instructions at the bottom of the e-mail newsletter.

External Links

Links to other websites can be found on our websites. is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of third-party websites. We advise our users to be careful when they visit our site and to read the privacy policies of any websites to which we can have links that may collect personal information.

Disclaimer for Use of Website Materials

All content, layout, script, logo, sound, photographs, visuals, and their collection and arrangement, as well as all other elements of the Web Site, are the sole and exclusive property of and are copyrighted, intellectual property, brand name, and other applicable laws, and may not be reproduced, updated, written, imitated, distributed, or transmitted in whole or in part. Please report any such instances of misuse to