As we know currently the situation of the country is very critical because of covid-19. This covid badly effect everything in pakistan including educational institutions, and all social gathering platforms. Keeping all this in view and rapid increase in covid-19 cases, Today on Sunday 18 April 2021, Our federal Government took the decision to Reopen Primary Schools after 28 April. Moreover, he said we had decided to start again the classes from 9 to 12 grade rom tomorrow.

After Attending a high- level meeting with education and health ministers, Shafqat Mahmood addressed in a national television presser.

On twitter Shafqat Mahmood shared a lot of tweets. Related to the on-campus classes for the grade 8 students and reopen of primary schools. Moreover, He said in Covid affected areas and districts. All the primary schools and universities and educational institutes will remain closed till April 28. In Addition to this, he stated that the classes of grades 9, 10, 11, 12 will he conducted physically on campus from tomorrow. But with very strict compliance with SOPs , so these students can easily complete their preparation for their final papers.

In addition to this, The Punjab Education Minister has informed Shafqat Mahmood. the 13 districts across the province had been affected by the Covid-19 disease. Therefore, courses will not be held on campus until the end of this month for schools and colleges and universities. Moreover, we will reopen the primary schools after April 28.

For Universities

Universities in the districts affected by Covid-19 will also remain closed and classes will take place online. In addition, the universities in other districts remain open and function as usual.

Shafqat Mahmood also said, that all education and health ministers are unanimous in their decision to schedule the level O and A exams. O and A level exams should continue on schedule. As these students are very few. In our discussion with Cambridge, they assured us that the SOPs for coronavirus are strictly adhered to.But it is sure that after april 28 we will reopen the primary schools .