Pakistani mixed martial arts fighter Ahmed Mujtaba made his country very proud after defeating Indian opponent Rahul Raju in the first minute of the first round of the bout.

The Pakistani star made an unforgettable lightweight debut on ONE: UNBREAKABLE III, which aired at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Mujtaba, also known as “Wolverine”, began to move forward in the Orthodox posture when the opening bell rang.

In one quick move, he hit the leg of his opponent “The Kerala Krusher” with a low kick. As the 56-second fight progressed, Raju tried to strike a blow, but it was carefully blocked by the Pakistani player.

here is a short mini clip of his magnificent Brillant skillful fight.

However, Mujtaba managed to deal one last blow when the rival fell backward and the “Wolverine” handed the knockout victory.

It is Mujtaba’s third win on the world stage and raises his overall record to 10: 2.

With the victory, “Wolverine” also deserved a piece of redemption for his homeland