Today in a press conference with media. The Federal Minister of Education Shafqat Mahmood has said that closing all educational institutes will be a difficult decision. As many students across the whole country are dissatisfied with online classes and online paper system. however, The final decision will be taken on March 24th after an in-depth review of the pandemic situation.

As we know, The current situation of country is very critical because of the third layer of COVID-19. Every city and district is effected with the third layer of covid-19. So after seeing all this situation deeply. Our education ministry will decide whether they will open the schools, colleges, universities and other education system or not. He stated this at a press conference at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry. where he also talked about the drawbacks of online education system.

He said.

“The Ministry of Education wants all educational institutions to stay open. And we have taken a number of steps during COVID-19,”

The minister also discussed about the difference between physical classes and online classes. He said that closing all educational institutes will not be an easy decision for ministry of education. He said the government will soon be rolling out a unified curriculum across Pakistan and “there have been some reservations from Sindh, but we are working on it”.

Minister the Shafqat Mahmood had previously stated that the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic is severe. And that the education sector needs careful consideration in this regard.

he said.

“All education and health ministers will meet at the NCOC on Wednesday March 24th to take a decision. On whether to open or further close educational institutions,”.

So he said after overall survey of current situation we will officially declared the decision of closing the schools and all other educational institutes.