Chinese company vivo has started making smartphones in Pakistan. We have confirmed this with sources. While we’re not sure about the models that are locally made in Pakistan, if the sources are to be believed, Made in Pakistan smartphones from vivo are ready to hit the stores in the country.

Vivo is located on the M-3 Industrial Estate in Faisalabad and was built with a $ 10 million investment. It meets the smartphone needs of the country where more than 1.5 to 2.5 million devices are sold monthly.

According to AlphaBetaCore, a research company specializing in technology investments, there are currently 32 million phones in demand in Pakistan and $ 1 billion is spent on imports annually.

While the company’s employees asked for anonymity, they said the plant will not only help Pakistan save import costs, but also increase the company’s market share in the country by 5 to 7 percent.

Pakistan is now the 7th in vivo market where smartphones are manufactured locally. Smartphones have always been overpriced in Pakistan, but after this development, we can finally expect smartphones to cost the same as their official prices.

While this is just the beginning, we expect local production of smartphones in Pakistan to grow to the point that companies will start exporting phones from here.

Not to mention, further details about the factory are not yet known. We can confirm from sources that Mr. Bruce Zhang, the manager of the vivo factory, will make an official announcement through the press in the coming days.